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Our Weekly Facebook Tip

There is a difference between having a Facebook Local Business page and being able to get patients as a result. Having a Facebook Welcome Page is great, then what do you do?

In our new series about Facebook, Dr. Alan walks you through the simple strategies to monetize the process.

Dr. Steve Hoffman

Master Coach and CEO of 2nd Cousin, Inc., Dr. Steve discusses the latest survey results and talks about what it means for your practice going forward.

Now that Dr. Steve can fit in the widget, he will be bringing you the Practice Tips you need to have the practice of your dreams.

Dr. Tabor Smith

Creator of the “Screener”, Old School Marketing that Dominates, Dr. Tabor Smith brings you his second Screening Tip of the Week on how to get businesses in your town to want you to come in to do a screening.

In this weekly series, Dr. Tabor Smith shows you how you to can schedule 35 to 50 new patients at every screening you do.

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Dr. Jen Honor

Creator of the Get Onto Speaking Calendars Of Schools And Businesses BLACKBOOK, Dr. Jen presents the first of her weekly series on getting into schools and businesses.

In this weekly audio series, Dr. Jen is going to share with you her proven strategies to get you into the “Hotbed” locations in your community.

Dr. Alan Weinstein

The creative force behind the Cross Platform Widget, Dr. Alan’s Video Marketing Pearls of the Week, have become some of the most talked about informative and creative videos in the entire profession.

Combining music, visual effects and right to the point marketing concepts, Dr. Alan, will bring your marketing into the 21st Century.

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